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BPM GOLD Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts are recommended for internal transportation within tunnels and coal mines where the material is exposed to flame and there are chances of fire hazards. Its is Suitable for handling Coal, Coke, and other fire prone materials. Fire Resistant belts commonly used in handling coal over the ground in coal mines, thermal power plants and in underground coal mines. Fire Resistant belts are similarly used for conveying other materials which are prone to ignition during use.

In Fire Resistant belts the rubber covers are anti-static and fire resistant confirmed to international standards Specially compounded with Neoprene and SBR, which prevent fire from spreading over the entire belt, These belts are made to comply with the CSA standard CAN/CSA-M-422-M87 Grade and Indian Standard IS 1891 Part V. It has Static conductivity and passed through drum friction test, it contains high heat & wear Resistance properties and Suitable to perform in temperature of -30 degree to + 50 Degree ,

FR belt are largely used in thermal power plants, mining industry, coal handling plants, wood, paper & pulp, sugar & food, recycling and chemical & fertilizer plants.

We offer these belts as per the specific requirements of client.