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Mahajan Beltings have developed conveyor belts that are heat resistant as well as wear resistant, resulting in a much longer operational lifespan.

High temperatures can do serious damage to the actual conveyor belt carcass itself. Choosing the correct thickness of the cover is essential because the cover acts as a barrier between the heat source and the carcass.

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts are manufactured in various grades to suit specific application areas.

  • HR - Our range of HR Conveyor Belts are heat resistant suitable for continuous Temperature up to 120*C.
  • SHR (T1) - Our SHR(T1) Conveyor belts are used for handling materials from 120*– 140*C.
  • SHR(T2) - Our SHR(T2) Conveyor belts are used for high temperature material up to 140*-160*C.
  • SHR(T3) - Our SHR(T3) Conveyor belts are use for continues high temperature up to 180*C
  • Applications

    • Cement industry
    • Glass industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Steel and iron industry
    • Fertilizer industry