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Conveyor Belts N – 17  MBICI

     N17 - Our range of N17 (17Mpa) MBICI  Conveyor Belts are abrasion resistant, however applications not requiring the same cut and gouge resistance as that of the M24 Grade. These MBICI conveyors belts are mainly used for conveying bauxite, asbestos, ash, chalk, cement, lime, Surface coal etc.

We technically design, manufacture and supply Grade: N-17 Conveyor Belts to a large number of clienteles almost in all sectors. MBICI belts are in huge demand for Bulk Conveying Materials, in Mining Sectors, Thermal Power Plants, Captive Power Plants, Paper Industries, Sugar Mills, Fish Feed & Cattle Feed Plants, Soybean draff etc. Bulk Materials below 70° C can be easily conveyed on Grade: N-17 Belts. The Rubber Covers are toughened for best workmanship and long duration performance. These belts are technically designed for General & Medium Duties and are totally confirming to IS: 1891 (Part – I) 1994 Latest.