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 Mahajan belting offer special Rough Top Conveyor Belts in which top surface is made of wear-resistant rubber has rough impression, thousands of flexible gripping fingers provide superior grip to hold packaged products or units being carried up or down with Higher Inclination Angle upto 35 Degree,Rough Top Belts mainly used to transporting light weight goods, such as sacks, boxes and parcels,packages/bags on steep inclines thereby preventing slippage. It has a cushioning effect, mollifies and absorbs vibrations

We offer in Two ply and three ply in cut Edge Construction in carcass type of NN and EP fabric


•             Used in transportation of light weight goods on inclined surfaces.
•             Package handling, labeling


•             Provides excellent grip between belt top Surface and packages.
•             Commonly used Black cover for utility applications
•             Creates less friction coefficient
•             Perfect for running over table and flat panel
•             Special Mesh-like pattern generates the relief effect
•             Absorbs vibrations, preventing material slippage
•             Odorless, nontoxic, non-marking
•             These belts mostly used flight loaders and lorry loaders